Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Under the Covers: Reptilia - The Strokes [Punch Brothers Cover]

Feels like: a stripped down version of one of the best songs The Strokes ever wrote

I have always loved this song.  When I was first learning how to play guitar with a group of similar aged ragamuffins, we decided this song would be our first cover.  We practiced many an afternoon in the basements, living rooms and garages of our parents houses.  Sure we were great, probably one of the best 4-7 man [depending on the day] bands of our area.  Unfortunately, our premiere performance, on my 17th birthday in the living room of my parents house with 50 or so of our nearest and dearest friends, was not quite as magical as we had planned. "Ninjas 17 only" was our band name...it was actually just "Ninjas" but my mom tried to make a sign for the drum kit explaining the youngest two members of the band had turned 17 that day.  And while I may never make it to AV Club for their "Undercover" section, this song has always held a dear place in my heart.  So it was pretty much awesome when I stumbled upon this gem today.  Now I present to you a classic reimagined by Punch Brothers.