Thursday, March 12, 2015

Reptar - Cable

Sounds like: Bloc Party, Talking Heads, The Cars, Vacationer, Rubblebucket

Well here we go!  Another awesome album on the way from one of our absolute favorites Reptar.  These guys are just plain good at making weird and funky into catchy and hella good all at once.  This new one is a great preview of what I hope is on the way from the new album "Lurid Glow" coming out March 31st.

We met these guys at Hangoutfest 2 years ago, and then again at Bonnaroo.  If you have the chance to catch them live, I promise you, it is quite the show.  They have so much energy and fun, and it always turns into an awesome dance party.  And not surprisingly, these guys are from partyville Athens, GA, where the good times and great music are always walking hand in hand.  Now do yourself a favor and clickey clickey on play.