Thursday, July 3, 2014

Yo Nashville: The Apache Relay - American Nomad/Power Hungry Animals

Feels like: Langhorne Slim, Milo Greene, Bronze Radio Return, The Head and the Heart, Family and Friends, Delta Spirit, Shovel and Rope

Well folks, you get quite the lovely show tonight at Nashville Riverfront park for the Nashville Dancin' series.  Tonight The Apache Relay is playing, and if you haven't heard, they are quite amazing.  Give 2 of their bests a listen here, then head on out tonight to catch them headline.  By the way, if you love "Power Hungry Animals" and also love yourself a helluva a good summer movie, check them both out in "The Way Way Back".  If you are still hungry for more after that, check out "Can't Wake Up", "Ruby", "Home is not places" and "Katie Queen of Tennessee". Happy beginning to the 4th for you all!