Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bas feat. J. Cole - My N****a Just Made Bail

Feels Like: J Cole, Wale, A$AP Rocky

It's that wonderful time of year when the Hollywood blockbuster trailers start pouring in and Americans flock to the theaters to get their proverbial rocks off to some Bruce Willy/Liam Neesons action flick. However, since we have yet to see the formidable wave of nonsensical box office smashes crest, the good guys at Dreamville have a little treat to redirect your entertainment needs.

Now, before you head straight to the music video below, I would recommend checking out the comical 30 for 30 spoof from the Dreamville team -- but I know most you probably won't  ;) 

In any case, it's also the season for some big time summer rap hits (a la Shake Your Tailfeather via Bad Boys 2). Please enter... Bas with his latest release. The distinctly Brazilian feel to the beat is a perfect fit for the summer and this will be well worn by the season's close. Check it out below.