Sunday, April 6, 2014

JUNGLE - Busy Earnin'

Feels Like: Chromeo, RJD2, SOHN, Max Frost

Led by musicians only identified as J and T, JUNGLE are an up-and-coming group from the UK poised to make some noise in 2014 (rhyme intended) with their soulful take on popular dance music. It is early in the group's musical career, but they have already set a "to the streets" vibe with each of their previously released videos having a primary focus on B-boy culture. For some reason, the coupling of the contemporary dancers and JUNGLE's anthemic soul-based soundtrack in their "Busy Earnin'" video look to me like something you might see in a Tarantino film. I could just be spitballing here, but why don't you be the judge and take a listen.