Monday, April 7, 2014

Har Mar Superstar - Restless Leg

Feels Like: Magnolia Sons, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, Nick Waterhouse

So..... it is honestly hard to find a fully clothed picture of Sean Tillman (a.k.a. Har Mar Superstar) online. So....I thought I might give you what he looks like at his best. Sean has to be the stereotypical physical antithesis of of the music he puts out. He is white, has a classic porn 'stache, balding, and overweight. Yet, Har Mar Superstar is putting out some of the most natural head-bob worthy R&B around. 2013's Bye Bye 17, from which "Restless Leg" comes, had to have been one of the most underrated R&B albums of the year and was a real treat to come across this year. With this latest album, Har Mar Superstar has leaned more towards the classic side of the R&B genre. In that regard, "Restless Leg" is sure not to disappoint. Check out the song!..... but don't make eye contact with the Pomeranian-heavy coverphoto. Never make direct eye contact.