Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ben Khan - Youth

Feels Like: Cherub, RAC, Classixx

This is only the beginning of one side of Ben Kahn. There is not a whole lot of available information on the interwebs about the multifaceted Kahn. Yet, from what I did find, that may be purposeful. This burgeoning artist from the UK takes his influences and craft as seriously and shields both from the public eye, much like a seasoned veteran, but he is seemingly somewhat of a rookie-savant and has only just started creating his own brand of irresistibly catchy electronic based music a year and a half ago. With the diversity in sound of "Drive (Part 1)", "Eden", and "Youth" - the his current releases to date - he has certainly flexed his breadth. His debut EP, 1992, is set to release on May 5th and I am very interested to see what is in store next. Check out his recent upbeat dance-friendly offering, "Youth", just in time for spring.

P.S. The song has the breakbeat from the Jock Jams classic "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock... bonus points!