Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yo Nashville: Joshua Hedley - Weird Thought Thinker

Feels Like: Waylon Jennings, Jonny Fritz, Willie Nelson

Fiddler to the Stars (Johnny Fritz and Justin Townes Earle) Joshua Hedley is an amazing songwriter in his own right. That much is made clear listening to "Weird Thought Thinker," a country ballad that sounds as if it's drifted through honky-tonks and road-stops since the beginning of time. Harkening back to country's heyday, Hedley's voice is the co-star here, sounding more timeless than some of his alt-country compatriots. Here's hoping Hedley releases more of his own compositions in the future.

Yo Nashville is a segment in which we highlight local acts from right here in Music City U.S.A.