Thursday, November 21, 2013

Great Divide - Moorie

Feels Like: Raphael Saadiq, Lake Street Drive, Aloe Blacc

So, I'm really not supposed to be posting from work, but what the hell....some things you have to share.

This up-and-coming soul/pop/funk group out of Chicago is primed and ready to immediately capture your attention and quickly make themselves comfortable in that weird part of your brain that keeps songs playing on repeat in your head for days on end. The band has,what seems to be, that distinct Chicago-area soulful sound that you hear from the likes of John Legend, Common, and even early Kanye West records. This may be due in part to the collaboration of James Auwarter on this latest release, a co-collaborator with the likes of Mr. West, Mr. Legend, and Lupe Fiasco. This, along with the Southside of Chicago-sourced singers brought in . "Moorie" is a more gospel-tinged/soul-ed out (my pun of the day joke) offering from the group. Take a listen below, check out the self titled LP here, and look into the rest of their YouTube channel. Really cool stuff.