Friday, August 2, 2013

Sweet Sweet Moon - Woppy

Sounds Like: The Tallest Man On Earth, Ben Sollee,

The setting makes this that much more impressive. May I present, Sweet Sweet Moon in a live and acoustic recording from El Anfiteatro in Argentina. I can only imagine what standing in this place must be like. On first listen, I though the recording must have been amplified or, at least, dubbed over. Much to my surprise, the natural acoustics of this cliffside alcove in Argentina are able to produce this stunning amplification on their own. Pretty stunning. The song seems perfectly suited for the environment with a slow and steady crescendo between lead singer Matthias and cellist Lukas culminating in Matthias' whispering of "I want to stay with forever!" On a related note, the recording comes from the music site They Shoot Music Dont They and their Fuck The Atlantic Ocean sessions. That might make it worth a listen by itself.