Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Toy Soldiers - Throw Me Down

Feels Like: Jack White, North Mississippi All-Stars, Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Sometimes you see a band and immediately know that you're currently seeing them in the smallest (and perhaps best) environment that you'll ever see them. Toy Soldiers is one of those bands. Their sound is all-on-the-table, authentic, and built for a room bigger than Nashville's Basement. Jumping back and forth through America's musical history while retaining a feeling of immediate-ness is no easy feat. Only a handful of artists can really pull it off (Jack White's probably the best). Toy Soldiers can also count themselves as one of them. Luckily these Philly natives will be making a return trip to Nashville on July 17th to play The Stone Fox with local country hero Andrew Combs, so we'll see you there.