Monday, June 17, 2013

Roolers of Roo: Tiny Victories - Mr Bones/Lost Weekend

Feels like: Tanlines, New Villager, The XX, Midi Matilda, Allosaurus, Slam Donahue, Phantogram

Wow, to start with, what an incredible weekend.  Sooo many incredible bands, stories and memories.  One of my absolute favorites from the Roo was an afternoon set spent with Tiny Victories.  Aside from being one of the smaller shows I saw, I had to good fortune of being dead middle front of the show, about, let's say 5 feet from the duo.  And. They. Killed it.  These guys know what's necessary to put on a show, from start to finish.  Favorite song of the set was their cover of Tonetta's "Drugs, Drugs, Drugs".  Favorite memory of the show: they asked audience members "what drug are you on": "life" "ALcoHOL" were the first two answers sampled, but a resounding "MAH-LEE" from the third, and by far most bro member of the audience was the sample they were looking for.  They then produced an original right in front of our eyes, blending it into their already solid songs.

These guys are awesome, the drumming and song craft were superb and they were also incredibly nice guys.  Check them out when you can.