Tuesday, May 14, 2013

HEADED TO HANGOUT/Yo Nashville : Space Capone - I Just Wanna Dance

Sounds Like: Prince, Rick James, Earth Wind & Fire

My bag is all packed up and I am anticipating a sleepless night on the level of Christmas Eve as Hangout Eve has fallen upon the land. In the spirit of the season for the unofficial holiday weekend ahead of us, and in line with the rest of my brethren, I want to share with you a band that I am eager see on the sandy soundscape down in Gulf Shores. Space Capone is duel threat as far as the brethren here are concerned. They are both a Hangout Fest attendee and a Nashville native band and they brings the funk!  It's almost as if Prince's premature ghost (all R&B legends have one) has wandered its way into the soul of this East Nashville outfit as their sound commands you to dance. The local media here is infatuated with them and I, regretfully, missed them at Live On The Green back in 2009. I am overly excited to catch a glimpse of this upbeat, tight-laced funk they are spreading around. Check their disco-driven jam "I Just Wanna Dance" and I will see you at the show this weekend!

P.S. Look for us under the Eskimo Brethren flag flying high this weekend! We will have freebies...

Yo Nashville is a segment in which we highlight local talent from here in Music City U.S.A.