Tuesday, May 14, 2013

HEADED TO HANGOUT: The Bright Light Social Hour - Back and Forth/Detroit

Feels like: Hot Bodies in Motion, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Sol Cat, White Rabbits, Generationals, The Features

So I have real dilemma, around 2:30 Saturday, I have 3 shows I want to see quite badly: Dirty Projectors [proven performances, amazing live show], The Mowglis [some of the best indie rock on the market] or The Bright Light Social Hour [stellar jam band].  My solution? Go to all three of course.  Dirty Projectors are gonna give you a good feel for what they are all about during any single song.  Lights, camera, harmony.  You can catch these guys early during that set at the Chevy Stage.  Up next will be The Mowglis.  All of their songs are catchy and happy, plus they are playing at the next closest stage next to the actual hangout restaurant.  For the finale, the Bright Light Social Hour.  You are gonna want to see their last few songs, as it will surely be a show stopper.  Don't believe, come find us and I'll show you what's up.