Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bloc Party - Ratchet

Feels like: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Passion Pit, Black Kids, TV on the Radio, Phoenix, The Naked and Famous

HOLY SMOKES YALL: Hangout Festival 2013 was absolutely amazing!  So many incredible shows and people and way too many stories to try to get all out in one day.  A few things I learned [some thing I learn every year] sand is a bastard to walk on all day, but after your hourly workout, the sets are stellar.  One such set was Bloc Party.  I've loved these guys since high school days, and although I'm not gonna say their latest album had anything on Silent Alarm [their best album to date] they have consistently put out good music.  UNTIL NOW.  NOW THEY JUST FLIPPED THEIR GAME ON ITS HEAD!  That's right folks, Bloc Party can rap, and Kele absofuckinlutely kills it in their new single "Ratchet".  Now this clip is from it's release in Sydney, but let me tell you, a month later and his flow is even better.  It's like they took the absolutely best part of Silent Alarm ["Banquet" and "Helicopter"] and then Kanye'd the shit out of it.  AND HERE IT IS IN ALL OF ITS GLORY.  Enjoy often.