Tuesday, April 9, 2013

C2C Feat. Derek Martin - Happy

Feels Like: Norwegian Recycling, Mother Earth Remixes, and Alexander Hamilton...all gone gospel

I am really excited about this one right here. Just the other day, one of my co-writers had mentioned to me that he had noticed a distinct lack in what we have come to call "party jams" (insert vision of air quotes here). That time is no more. Happy, by the French DJ quartet C2C,  is no misnomer. The discovery of this song literally brought me out of my near-sleep blog-browsing state (yes I have weird habits) to be able to post and share this with you all. Spring has sprung with this new one by C2C, and it sounds an awful lot like a gospel-soul-funk mashup.

One last note. You HAVE to check out the video. One of the better videos of recent memory and some of the most impressive and captivating break dancing I have seen in some time.