Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter

Feels Like: Reptar, Phoenix, Ghost Beach, A toned down Passion Pit
Brethren! I hope that all of your all your travels towards the homefront have been safe, as we prepare for the nexus of Family Crisis Lock Down Mode (aka Holiday Season). Now, I know that we have already brought Wild Cub to your attention. However, after coming across the above music video release, I felt compelled to give you gentle reminder to stay tuned in. Thunder Clatter comes off their August LP release, Youth, and is anything but calamitous. There is an stirringly electric melodic cacophony that almost jars you as the song starts with an emphatic bang. It is this same efervescente tune that carries your interest and creates the happy space where this song can call home. The video was filmed at Farmland Studios in Nashville, and looks like just about the greatest time ever had by 20 something people fully equipped with wine and noisemakers. These guys are right in our own back yard, so come out and show them some support and don't forget to grab the album here.