Monday, December 24, 2012

The Plastics Revolution - Invasión

Feels Like: Vampire Weekend, Beirut, Fleet Foxes

Happy holidays to Brethren man-people and Brethren lady-people alike. I was sitting in my car, listening over some of the past finds that we have come across here at the blog, when Invasión happened upon my eardrums It then occurred to me that we had actually never actually given you the same ear pleasure (not like that) that I was enjoying. There had been discussion about who would put it up, but I guess it must have fallen through the cracks. In any case, this jam is definitely worthy some eskimo brethren love (not like that either). The Plastics Revolution are a mexico-based indie pop outfit, and though I cannot understand a single word of the entire song, I feel in no way distanced from core of the track. Check out the track and grab their new album King Bono vs. Los Flight Simulators.

For those of you curious as to why the entire video is done in stop-motion through some hazy tint that looks like a vintage family photo from a surfing competition in the 1960s, or just about any Hollister poster...they have done it. Yes, it is done. The first music video, to my knowledge, completely created using Instagram. #hardworkingswag