Saturday, September 22, 2012

Under The Covers - Michael Kiwanuka, Ben Howard with his band, India and Chris, Ben Lovett, The Staves and Johannes from Bear’s Den - Over The Hill (John Martyn Cover)

Feels Like: A lot of great folk musicians doing great things
This is just a cacophony of great folk and soul musicians. The recording comes from a session during SXSW this past year at Cacophony Recorders (fittingly). Admittedly, I was not aware of the original when I found this song. However, I believe that prior knowledge of a cover's origin point is not a necessity to enjoy in its transformative power because, as in this case, both the cover and the original can lead you to something great, whether new or old. And isn't that part of the joy of discovering music? Just my thoughts. But seriously ya'll, check this one out.