Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Griswolds - Heart of a Lion/Mississippi

Feels like: Jinja Safari, The Strokes, Oberhofer, The Elwins, Vampire Weekend, Reptar, Friendly Fires,  Wildcat! Wildcat!

So you might have noticed some aesthetic changes on the site, namely a green eskimo has joined the brethren.  It is my pleasure today to not only introduce you to a fantastic new band from Australia, "The Griswolds" but also to our newest blogger, Cam.  He will hopefully round out our blog with a more west coast vibe, and we look forward to his musings.

Now onto the Griswolds.  These guys are every bit as fun and crazy as their sound is electrifying.  I am very jealous that I do not get to grow up in Australia with some of my very favorites starting there.  Check out their EP "Heart of a Lion" coming out on the 29th (9 days)!!