Saturday, September 15, 2012

Suburban Living - I Don't Fit In

Feels Like: M83, Chairlift, Most 80s Movies, Animal Collective
... and I'm back! Life can get pretty, shall we say, distracting sometimes and you have got be vigilant about what makes your happiness clock tick. Well, I'm glad to say that this blog is a big part of my "happiness clock". I think maybe I should ditch this metaphor. In any case, Suburban Living is the one man musical project of Norfolk's own, Wesley Bunch. This song comes off his Cooper's Dream EP, a record that he wrote when he was fresh out of college and in and out of jobs. I'm not sure if you can hear unemployment, but if this is it then it's pretty damn catchy. The track "I Don't Fit In" is a straight anthem. I think we call can pick up on notes of M83 and [insert your 80's reference here]. Check it out and enjoy.