Sunday, September 16, 2012

Raz - They'll Speak

Feels Like: Nas, Yealawolf, Talib Kweli
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you pure unadulterated hip-hop. If you knew or not, I was away from the blog for a minute, and in my scramblings through the blogosphere (word?) I came across, what I see as, a great up-and-coming rapper. Raz is a Seattle native and his hip-hop style is more of a fierce poetic narrative than a couple of corny one-liners about how many girls at the club drink his champagne. The song comes in a capella and builds with the fade in of the inception title track to sharpen the edge of his story laden rhymes. This one is a must see for true hip hop fans.

Upon further research, I also feel obligated to share another great Hip-Hop jam, 10 Feet Tall. Everything that stands for the former also stands for this. It's great to hear real hip hop.