Friday, September 28, 2012

ON AN ON - Ghosts

Feels like: Letting Up Despite Great Faults, The Postal Service, The Shins, Modest Mouse, Of Monsters and Men, When Saints Go Machine

Hey Friday, where the heck ya been?  Well, it's about time you showed up, and thanks to you I get to watch some of my favorites tonight at War Memorial.  That's right, Rubblebucket, Reptar, Cherub and ON AN ON are playing tonight for "Celebrate the City".  Well, I already knew that I loved the first 3, but I just found out about ON AN ON, and I must say, based on their only released single "Ghosts", I am very excited to see them tonight.  The song is lovely, slightly eerie [but in all the right ways] and hauntingly charming.  It's got that familiar sound that seems vaguely lost.  Ghosts are exactly what come to mind when listening to this echo-entrenched etude [wrong word, I know, but I liked the whole E thing I had going].  Enjoy now, then later come see it all live.  Doses Eskimosas, Friday y'all!