Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fortune Family - O.E.

Feels Like: Logic, Hoodie Allen, Timeflies, OnCue

So, I'm kinda feeling the hip hop posts right (not surprising knowing myself). In any case, may I present for your listening pleasure: O. E. These guys come off the mic guns blazing. The flow is tight and quick-witted, which creates an interesting and enticing disparity between the electric guitar background riff. I've been bee-boppin my head to this one for a couple months and now I think its time to share. Here is a link to the band's EP, Paradox, and below is link to download the song. Sharing is caring. Enjoy.

Fortune Family - O.E

By the way, this video contain three of my favorite things in combination: Chipotle, 40s, and suits. Dope. 40 oz Friday at work? I'll leave that one up to you.